Independent Zine Publisher

High & Outside #1

A personal memoir about growing up as a true baseball fan, Adam Hartnett’s writing will make you envision childhood memories and is filled to the brim with magical imagery.

Here’s what Microcosm Publishing had to say about High and Outside #1.                        Meet the first-ever outlaw literary baseball memoir zine! Seriously, dudes, this one is something special. Adam Hartnett’s High & Outside zine begins, “Back in the nineteen eighties, with polyester uniforms and heads full of cocaine, professional baseball players still had character and grace. Some of them clinged to the remnants of another time. Some of them had beards and long hair. Nowadays, some asshole can have some lame and shitty tattoo on his forearm, or an extra inch of goatee and be considered the unconventional and free spirited badass of the team. Well, fuck that.” And if you’re not pumping that big foam #1 finger in the air by now… well, just read on because it gets better and better. Bo “Bo Knows” Jackson, card collecting, comic-style art, players suspected of being Sandinistas, this is some Joan Didion meets Hunter Thompson meets Al Burian bizness. Totally ruling. Awesome writing. So solid. Baseball fans and non-fans alike will love this.                                (24 pages)

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